Kimberly. With y(our) nigga. Cis, 19-year-old red head, she/her/hers. Stoner. Baby Doll. Crazy Cat lady. Nanny. Horror Queen. Percussion. Depression. Shorn nape.

The Kardashians. Incubus. Boston Celtics (Rajon Rondo). Body Image. AHS. Grapefruit. Coffee. Hair cuts. Avocado. Yeezy. The Diaries of Adam and Eve. Mazda 3. Cats. Pop music. Shaving. Claustrophobia. Soccer (Defender). dr0w777. Jagermeister. Mallory. The Butterfly Effect. Sex. Politics (Moderate). Jogging. Sleep. Popcorn.

I'm a college student heading for a career in Psychology.

Chicago. St. Patrick’s time.

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